• Justin Lees

Vikings/Lions Pregame

Alright, this is the game we needed exactly after coming off a tough Monday night loss. Detroit stinks and everyone knows it. We can go back home and build our confidence up against a terrible 3-8-1 Detroit Lions team.

Thielen is still out with that damn hamstring but that is OK. We honestly are gonna be just fine with him on the sidelines. He allegedly should be back for week 15.

But in short, Detroit sucks, we are a good football team and ready for a W. Let's send these Lions back to the motor city with their tails between their legs.

Also, I know you're all doing it anyways but lets cheer hard against the Packers. They've got Washington at home and a loss for the Packers would be huge for us in the playoff standings. Washington sucks as bad as Detroit but anything's possible.

So shake off that hangover, put the coffee on, and grab your purple & gold; its game day.


(please Washington, do something right this season, just once)

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