• Justin Lees

Vikings Monday

Alright, the Vikings are back and I wasn't worried. Not even for a second. This is the winning team that Minnesota fans want to see week in and week out. We showed a strong receiving core, impressive defense, one of the best running backs in the league, even Dan Bailey hit all 4 of his field goal attempts. And most importantly, Kirk Cousins played like the quarterback everyone wanted to see, like the leader of a team who is getting paid 80 million dollars.

Only thing I wish I could've seen more was Diggs getting more targets.

That damn wink really scares the hell out of me. Part of me believes that if he gets more balls his way he doesn't wink in this interview. But this is classic Minnesota sports messing with my damaged mind from all of our other blunders.

But in all seriousness, big shoutout to Kirk Cousins. 81 % completion percentage, over 300 passing yards, 2 TD's, and 0 interceptions. That is the exact game I wanted to see after being let down so monumentally against Chicago last week.

Would have liked to see more utilization of our tight ends, hopefully next week we can make that happen. Kyle Rudolph is an absolute weapon when he gets the ball, so maybe Kirk could get one of his classic check-downs to Kyle and see what happens.

That's enough for now though, this Monday we can all go to class or work a little happier knowing we might not be wasting all of the organization's money on Cousins. Lets look ahead to next Sunday and find a way to win against a good Eagles team back at The Bank.


(Diggs if you're reading this: loved the wink, definitely didn't lose sleep cause of it. But for the sake of other fans [not me], wink behind closed doors. We care too much about you)

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