• Justin Lees

Vikings Monday: Classic Minnesota

Classic Minnesota, they get your hopes up and everything seems great until the unexpected happens, they choke. It's a story as old as time, and you all know that, so I am not going to bore you with examples throughout recent Minnesota sports history. I don't want to make your (my) Monday any worse than it already is after a loss like that.

Say what you will about that game, but I am glad that we don't have to spend another week on, "why does Kirk get paid so much? He can't beat anybody good. Diggs is gonna leave", and a whole lot of more garbage. because none of that matters, this loss is not on anyone but the coaching staff, the special teams and maybe Anthony Barr. (He can not miss that tackle and give up a 91 yard run) that actually screwed us and put us in a real shitty spot.

But my favorite thing to come from this game was Zimmer's post game press conference. Just like every other loss he doesn't give us actual responses, but more bland blanket statements. Yesterday in Kansas City he said, "It was a game of big plays, and they made more than we did". That sounds like a classic, "they just scored more points than us, so they won." Real heartfelt stuff from the guy who just blew the game for us.

Why did Zimmer call that time out on 4th down? This coaching decision kept me up at night. We had them stopped, we had the game in our hands, and Zim hits us with a time out. Giving the Chiefs time to pick an actually decent play and get a first down. Also, once we got the ball back with a little more than two minutes left why would we ever go for three straight passing plays when we have arguably the best running back in the league and need to run the clock out? This was some of the worst play-calling I have ever witnessed. It was like a kid trying to put the square into the circle hole. You know it isn't gonna work but that dumbass kid keeps trying for some reason.

But in reality my favorite thing from Sunday was this tweet:

We did it, our first viral tweet. I don't want to go all marketing on you but this tweet had over 20,000 engagements and got us over 100 twitter followers in 12 hours. This just proves how credible we are (for jokes and content) and can be right up there with the big boys (and girls) at ESPN. So go ahead, tell your friends, tell your mail man (or woman), tell that cashier you see at the Wendy's at least twice a week but neither of you say anything about it, because we're not going anywhere, this is just the beginning of something huge and you all are here to see it.

Next week we've got Dallas on Sunday night primetime football. This will be an interesting game to see if the Vikes can come back from a loss like this one and walk away back in the wins column. Maybe Colquitt can punt a little longer than 20 yards, because everyone knows the ball flies farther at night.


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