• Justin Lees

Vikings/Packers Halftime Thoughts

Its halftime, we're down 11 points to the bad guys from the east. And I'm assuming most of us are viciously hungover after a solid two weekend nights of drinking. And now we have to watch this creep get lucky on pass interference calls.

I mean look at this creature, instead of golfing in the offseason like regular players, it looks like he tries to give out free candy from his windowless van.

And to add onto that after a great drive ending in 6 points from Diggs, the refs call it back because of "offensive pass interference" after reviewing it. (Which is an entirely other thing, because it is complete bullshit refs can call penalties after rewatching a touchdown)

But Captain Kirk is looking a little more solid after getting some throws under his belt, and we have another 30 minutes get this W. Kirk needs to prove that he can win big games by himself, and this is his chance. But with Dalvin Cook in the backfield anything is possible.

I mean we can't let this win

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