• Justin Lees

Vikings/R-Words Pregame

Vikings MVP quarterback, that's right I said it, MVP, Kirk Cousins is going up against his former team the Washington R-words (credit to me for being anti-racism). This is a huge game for The Vikes, on paper you think its one that we should win, but it is a Minnesota sports team so anything can happen. So I am not calling this one a lock at all.

The 1-6 Redskins shouldn't pose much of a threat to a team as solid as ours right now, but anything can happen. Hopefully The Vikes can march into U.S. Bank Stadium Thursday night and put together another solid victory in front of a home crowd.

Thielen picked the best week of the season on our schedule to be sidelined with a hamstring injury. With his injury Kirk is going to have to trust his other, lesser known receivers, Bisi Johnson and Laquon Tredwell (please Treadwell do something, anything for us)

Also, I'd expect Dalvin Cook to be getting the ball a ton this game due to Washington's weak defense and take the pressure off of our receivers without Thielen.

Another story line to watch is Case Keenum coming back to town against his former team. But it seems that nobody really cares about our old below-average quarterback anymore. Diggs responded when asked if he'd have a moment with Case, "Nah. It's not like my girlfriend or nothing." Diggs has moved on to a way better girlfriend with way more skill at football, and worth way more (84 million dollars more).

So hopefully we can get an easy W for the week and keep this win streak going.


"You like that? YOU like that?!"

-Kirk Cousins (2015)

-Justin Lees

-Kirk Cousins (2019 Thursday night)

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