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Vikings vs Packers: Jack Leverentz is a Traitor

Last night, I realized we had been betrayed. It makes me sick just to think about it...

Let me set the scene: It's 10pm, on the eve of the Vikings vs Packers game; I'm eating Mexican food and I'm having a margarita chugging contest with my girlfriend, when I received a life-changing picture.

Yup, thats Jack Leverentz, the man who is "supposedly" covering the Vikings on the ground at Lambeau field for 10,000 takes today.

Does he honestly think I wont expose this? Vikings fans don't want to be getting their updates from a closeted Packers Fan...

Jack, buddy, when I learned you were from Wisconsin, but wasn't a Packers fan, I gained a lot of respect for you. I vividly remember thinking, "At least he isn't Packers Fan", and I decided to put up with your Colt fandom, just because of how mad Wisconsinites got when they heard you didn't like the Packers.

I just don't get it though, Andrew Luck retires so you have to run right into Aaron Rodgers arms? At least give Jacoby Brissett a chance...

Hey, at least you can always say you were a twins fan right?


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