Wake up with a Vikings W

Going to class or work on a Monday feels just a little bit better when the Vikes can sneak a win out. Yes, you have another week of the same bullshit, but nothing else matters because the Vikings found a way to put a number down in the wins column. Now granted you and I both know that the Oakland Raiders are arguably one of the worst teams in the league, but a win is a win and we will take them when we can get them.

There were a lot of good things to be happy with after Sunday's game: Dalvin is still a machine, the defense played great, and Kirk showed some level of improvement, that 35 yarder to Thielen was exactly what we needed to see after losing a lot of hope in Lambaeu.

But what I mostly realized this game was how much I missed Jon Gruden in the booth on Monday nights. I miss his enthusiasm, his random sayings he would throw out like everyone understood him, and the Gruden Grinder.

Hopefully after a season of being beaten by the entire league Jon can return to the booth (and our hearts) where he was his most successful.

But for today we can be satisfied with a win, and tomorrow worry about how we can walk out of Soldier Field without losing against the last team in the NFC north on Sunday.


Seriously Jon, if you see this please go back to Monday Night Football, I miss you

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