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Was Green Bay Drunk Drafting?

Day 3 of the 2020 NFL draft is here. This online draft which on paper, sounded like it was going to have issues has gone relatively smooth. Some fans are excited about their teams picks and some fans want to start wearing paper grocery bags on their heads already. Then there are Packer fans, our cheese head friends from Wisconsin are PISSED and letting people know.

If you haven't been following football, let me catch you up. The 2019 Packers made it one game away from a Super Bowl appearance, on top of that their HOF QB is 36 and wants weapons to throw to. Their most productive players last season were the QB and RB, so what do the Packers draft in round 1 & 2. Obviously a QB and RB because why would an aging Aaron Rodgers want any weapons, especially in a draft where talented WR's are flying off the board. To make it even better for all the NFC North teams, the Pack selects a Tight End who was projected to be a late round pick IN THE 3rd ROUND. You can put this Packers draft on a list of things you love to see. Lets take a look at Packer fans:

It's not all bad Packer fans. The Bears selected a Tight End with their 2nd round pick, they also signed TE Jimmy Graham this offseason as well. If any WR room in the division needs help it's that one but that's to be expected from the Bears. The Lions are the Lions so maybe the Packers just realized how average the rest of the Division is and decided to completely botch their first 3 rounds to make it interesting. From trading up to get QB Jordan Love (20 TDs 17 INT in the Mountain West) with a bunch of teams who were not selecting QBs in front of them, to grabbing a RB and TE who weren't even near the top 100 prospects in this draft. It got to the point that even Matt Lafleurs kid was disgusted and wanted no part of what his Dads team was doing!!!

One the other side of the spectrum, the Vikes have addressed their biggest needs with some interesting talents and they still have 13 picks to work with. 13 picks may be extensive and I'm seeing a lot of mixed feelings about it, but it could be worse. Enjoy Day 3 of draft football fans and SKOL!!

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