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Week 4. Vikings, Bears. Let's Go!

It is now week 4, and the Vikings can improve to 3-1 with a win in Chicago. But it won't be easy....or it might! Hard to say!

Mitchell Trubisky has not been looking too hot this season, and the only thing really going for the Bears is their defense lead by Khalil Mack. If the offensive line can get their crap together, and if Cousins can just secure the football under pressure, Vikings will walk away with a win.

I am also ready to see what Dalvin Cook can do again. He has been very exciting to watch as he is absolutely electric on the football field. He has lit up every defense he has faced so far this season, and I think he could do the same against a tough Bears defense. After all, he is leading the league in rushing yards with 375.

Just watch him fly down the field, Trubisky! Just watch!

The Bears should not be 2-1, but due to an easy schedule playing the Redskins and Broncos, both winless, the Bears managed to scrape out two wins. It is time to show them what a real defense is like and completely annihilate Trubisky and the Bears.

Let's light em' up and send em' back to the Jay Cutler era of Bears football, where they belong!

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