Weekly #NoCutCorona Update

With the Sota Stream to Fight Covid-19 fast approaching, the blog game has been seriously lacking. But those who have doubted me have been proved wrong yet again because here I am, continuing the #NoCutCorona tradition. Fuck you Journalist Jake, I never quit anything (except for when I do)... Lets get into the salad:

I decided to change it up and play the white girl snapchat story bit by taking my picture in a security camera at Walmart. The only difference is that instead of smiling and throwing up a peace sign, I decided to look like a straight-faced greasy psychopath. I look like a kid that was dragged out of the house by his mom to help her go shopping because he was playing Xbox for the last 13 hours straight.

As you can tell by the cart, someone was behind me and staring... So I tired to snap the picture as fast as I could. NOT A GOOD LOOK DUDE, but not a bad beard ;)

I think this is the most Journalist Jake has smiled since the quarantine started. Funny story, the other day my Mom asked me if Jake only wears Gopher apparel. I'm about 83% sure that it's true. This man truly misses sports and you can see it in from the twinkle from his eyes, the slightest tear. Great beard Jake, you look like a barbaric shit.

I wish I could grow facial hair as fast as this guy. Master Bates looks like his beard doubled in size. Judging by the overall geographical flatness and those massive tanks in the background, I would imagine Bates works in agriculture. I 100% believe he is putting seeds in his goddamn face, because I can't accept the fact that he has me beat in the genetics game.

Zepper hasn't left his house yet I'm calling it now.

Big pat on the back to Coleman for sticking with this bit. I've been ripping on him since Week 1 for shaving the day before the challenge started. Actually I've been busting this guy's balls since the first day I met him, but he doesn't back down. Nice hair Coleman, did your Mom comb it? (Da Dum Chhhhh).

Unfortunately Bubba and others had to withdraw from the challenge because they couldn't handle it, they just care about their appearance too much during a time where you can't even leave your house. That makes total sense. Journalist Jake and I are sticking with the challenge dispite the fact that we are going live in front of thousands of people this weekend. So credit to us on this edition of #NoCutCorona

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