Weekly #NoCutCorona Update: The End is Near

Sheeeesshh, we are living in what will be chapter 9 of a 5th grade text book someday. My future children will be asking me "Daddy, what did you do during the great quarantine?" I'll respond with "Well kids, your father took a break from public drunkenness and sports gambling to grow his hair out for 3 months straight". and thats really the honest truth.

I'm well aware the virus (and the fight against it) is far from over, but at least we are almost at the end of this god forsaken lockdown. Now that certain businesses will be opening back up on June 1st in Minnesota, we are at a point where #NoCutCorona can end and we can go back to looking like normal people. I honestly can't express how I am impressed with the growth of 10,000 Takes during this time, but I'm even more impressed with how long we were able to grow that weird shit that sits on our skin....

Look at this sexy fucking guy, its a shame he has to go on June 1st. JJ and I went to North Dakota to see people in person for the first time in a while and I received the following feedback on my beard:

  • "You look like shit"

  • "I like the rugged look"

  • "Your beard is so thick, yet so thin, it's fucked up"

And the glasses... They are blue light glasses, I'm not doing it for fashion. When you're like me and stare at screens every hour you aren't sleeping, your eyes feel like the fucking Sahara Desert by 6:00 every day. So thats why I wear them.

I actually met Zepper in person for the first time this weekend. Did you know he's a motorcycle guy?

He also told me that #NoCutCorona isn't ending for him on June 1st. In fact, he claims he hasn't shaved his beard since 2015.... Thats actually nuts. In that 5 year period I somehow managed to live in 3 different cities, get a college degree, and gain 20 pounds. And in all of this time Zepper didn't shave once... Impressive.

Stop sending me your picture Bubba, you got your haircut, remember?

Damn... Kirk Cousins actually sent me his #NoCutCorona picture this time. Thats a great look for the take! Hopefully he keeps it going when the Vikings miss the playoffs this year, keep it going in the offseason!

Master Bates... Farm stuff... Long beard.

Great beard Kyle!!! With an even better shirt!!! Where did you get it? (HINT: He got it from https://www.10000takesmn.com/online-store)

Two more weeks of this shit and then we are done... our mother's are counting down the days.

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