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What Kind of Crap is This???

What in Sam Hell is going on at Target?!?!?

A Twitter user snapped a very odd picture in a Target store near the University of Minnesota campus, and no, it was not of a customer. This isn't Walmart.

I am literally scratching my head. Not sure if this was a misprint or some cheesy marketing campaign, either way this just looks bad.

If this was some sort of marketing ruse to unite Minnesota and Wisconsin fans, I do not see how this was a good idea. The Badgers are the Gophers biggest rival, and to see it on the same shirt is just gross. Target should be ashamed of itself!

Target did end up apologizing stating they are a Minnesota-based company and know they are home to the Gophers. BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!

That's a dumb statement because apparently they don't what state they are in. They had a freaking onesie with "Minnesota Badgers" on the front. How pathetic! And Target tried to play it off like it was some small joke. Give me a break!

And accoridng to an ESPN article, two were purchased before they were removed from shelves. TWO!!!! Who in the hell would buy this shirt?

All these shirts deserved to be burned, and the person who thought it was a good idea to print these needs to be fired. No excuses!

I'd expect this behavior from Walmart, but Target? C'mon guys! I expect much more from you!

Go Gophers!

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