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Wisconsin Basketball Must Brainwash Recruits

Over the course of Tuesday and Wednesday in a span of 24 hours, the pesky Wisconsin Badgers stole two of Minnesota's top recruits for the class of 2020.

The Badgers received commitments from four star recruits Ben Carlson of East Ridge and Steven Crowl of Eastview. That is now four locals Richard Pitino's Gophers have missed out on for the 2020 class.

Richard, what's happening?

I swear, the Badgers coaching staff must hypnotize or brainwash Minnesota recruits when they visit campus or something. The 2020 recruiting class for Wisconsin will be its fourth straight with Minnesota players.

I know that with Minnesota being so close to Wisconsin that there will be players that decide to play there, but it is like almost every year where they eat up almost all our top recruits when it comes to basketball.

It is like the recruiting staff has some propagated plan to indoctrinate recruits when they visit campus. I feel like they must put them in a tight room, and force them to watch a video with false propaganda and lies about the University of Minnesota. Or they do something with the food.

Ok, not really, but seriously, what is it with top Minnesota basketball recruits going to Wisconsin? I mean it is another thing if these recruits go out of state to another school, but Wisconsin? Really? Have some damn loyalty to your home state.

I mean most of these players live within 20 to 40 miles of the U of M campus, and they decide to go to a school in the same conference over four hours away. Are they confusing the location of the schools? It feels like the U of M has been getting robbed of top recruits by Wisconsin for the last decade.

Some examples include current starters for Wisconsin such as Nate Reuvers of Lakeville and Brad Davison of Maple Grove.

Jalen Suggs

There are still uncommitted seniors in Minnesota up for grabs including Dawson Garcia, Kerwin Walton and the state's number one player, Jalen Suggs. It would be nice to see Richard and the Gophers snag one of these guys before some secret Badger Illuminati agent forces them to attend their school (I joke). But seriously, I just do not want to lose any more local talent to Wisconsin.

Let's not forget the Gophers do have some top Minnesota talent with Daniel Oturu and Gabe Kalshcheur, but it sure would be nice to see more local talent make its way on to the roster.

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