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Wolves Announcer Invents "New" Word

You would think the only embarrassing part about the Timberwolves is the fact they have now lost nine straight, and are 1-9 in their last 10 games.

Nothing can be worse than that, right?

Well, think again!

The cringe-worthy, stupidity award does not go to the team, the coach or the ownership. Not this year at least. That award is solely reserved for this insightful Wolves announcer:

It is only fitting for a Minnesota Timberwolves announcer to say the word "shart" live on air and be completely oblivious to the meaning of the word that was just said. I'm telling ya, watching this team can make you go crazy!

"We are only a couple years away!," said every die hard Timberwolves fan for the last 15 years. You get too much into this team, you become delusional and start losing all sense of reality.

And for Wolves announcer Dave Benz, who practically consumes Wolves basketball on a daily basis, obviously watching them for so long got to his head.

Who in the hell says the word "shart" on live television regardless whether or not you have heard the word before. The word already sounds weird, and close enough to s**t. You have to put two and two together when you are talking about shooting charts and are about to combine words.

Come to think of it, I actually do not know what's funnier about this, saying the word "shart" or the fact that you have nothing better to talk about than shooting charts. Complete hilarity!

At least now, the Timberwolves are getting attention. I definitely wish it was because they were on some franchise-record winning streak, but let's be realistic. It's the TIMBERWOLVES! We have to soak this in and appreciate any attention, no matter how we get it.

I have nothing against Dave Benz though! Props to him for taking on the duty to announce a team like the Wolves. And now his name is out there.

#AllEyesNorth is right!

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