Zach Brown Needs to Learn How to Make Excuses

Lets start off with a friendly reminder. If you followed all of our drama during the weekend I went to a Packer game, you know I am not a Vikings fan. I am a Colts fan at heart. But I admit it's fun to follow the Vikings and throw my opinion in during the rundown. They aren't your typical NFL team (in a good way and a bad way). Keeping that in mind, this is me commenting from a third party standpoint.

Now for the good part, which would be me getting to blog about the Eagle's former (we will get there) Linebacker.

Long story short, last week leading up to the Vikings vs Eagles matchup, Eagle's (former) linebacker, Zach Brown called out Kirk Cousins saying that "he was the weakest part of the Viking's offense".

I'm all for shit talking. I do it, you do it, everybody does it. And its even better when people with a louder voice do it publicly to spice up sports. By the way, the sport that does it the best is the WWE, because they are a sport!

Anyway, Kirk really rained on old Zachy boy's Sunday when he went 22-29 throwing for 333 yards with 4 TD's. On Sunday, Kirk Cousins actually played like an $84 million Quarterback.

So what does Zach Brown do after Kirk has a Stellar performance? HE DECLINES ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING IT. Hey Zach, have you ever heard the saying "if you talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk?" You aren't walking, you are standing there stuck in the mud trying to catch butterflies.

Here is the thing about having hot takes, if you have them, you better be able to defend them to the death. As someone who HATES to be wrong, I know the way around this. They are called EXCUSES. Obviously everyone hates excuses, but you want to know why? Because they are a "get out of jail free" card. By giving excuses, you are stating that unexpected variables didn't give your prediction a fair result, therefore saying that you weren't technically wrong.

I know that's kind a of technical, but its true. Once again, from a 3rd party standpoint, all Zach Brown had to say is the truth. That 5 of the defensive starters including 2 cornerbacks (one that was most likely guarding Digs) were injured. If he wanted to go full cycle scumbag, all he had to say is: "I would love to see Kirk play our healthy defense, that would have been a different story". I know as Vikings fans you don't want to hear that, but in a logical sense that could be a fair point.

But nope, Zach Brown had to run away from it, he couldn't finish what he started, and the media really roasted him for it. What's really ironic is that the Eagles released him on Monday evening. In their words, it had nothing to do with his loud mouth, they basically said he was just a bad linebacker.

Someone has definitely already said it, but we all know thats bullshit. He got burned way too badly for his shit talking and the Eagles didn't want to be associated with it. The timing was just too close to Sunday's incident. How ironic they cut him the day after for being bad at football? I'm not buying it.

Anyways, I know Zane didn't want to go this in depth about it on the Rundown because he didn't want Zach Brown to come beat him up. On the flip side, if he wants to come to our great state to tussle with me, he's more then welcome, it will make great content for 10,000 Takes. Just know I'll be listening to the song Chicken Fried when he walks in, a song written by a guy named Zack Brown who is actually good at something!


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